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Best Mountain Biking Destinations In Arizona

Arizona and mountain riding go together like peaches and cream. Massive mountains, vast deserts, and picturesque landscapes may all be found in Arizona. Nevertheless, hiking some of Arizona’s most well-known trails could still be unexpected. These mountain bike paths provide a great variety of terrain and complexity, ranging from the southern dunes to the northern woods. Here are some excellent mountain biking routes in Arizona for you to check out on your next trip.

AZ Arizona Trail

The Arizona Trail label may come across as pompous. Until you comprehend the extent of this legendary route, that is. The Arizona Trail covers the whole 800-mile length of Arizona. The path begins at the border between the United States and Mexico. It stretches across the Sonoran Desert, via the Grand Canyon, to the Utah frontier at the Vermilion Cliffs Historic Site. The Arizona Path showcases a greater variety of Arizona’s varied terrain and geography than any other local trail. The finest path for riders wishing to explore Arizona is this one since it is genuinely unique.

Sedona, Arizona’s Hangover Trail

The Hangover Trail will give you a new type of hangover. This Sedona trail’s three miles cover a lot of ground quickly. Before a sequence of sharp dips, the route climbs enormous red granite structures. Only experienced riders who can manage swift difficult maneuvers are allowed on the path. The trek is worthwhile despite its difficulty because of its stunning surroundings.

Phoenix’s Black Canyon Trail

You need to look no farther than the Black Canyon Trail if you hope to have a great day bicycling. This roughly 80-mile path travels through the Prescott National Forest’s wooded areas and the Sonoran Dunes. The path is regarded as one of Arizona’s top single-track bike excursions. It features narrow bends, varied topography, and breathtaking views of Prescott Meadows.

Trail Hiline, Sedona, Arizona

Hiline Trail offers breathtaking vistas, cliffside plunges, and challenging climbs. One of Arizona’s most unique mountain riding adventures is the 10-mile “lollipop” path. A single-track route runs along the brink of a precipice on a slippery rock. Some of Sedona’s most breathtaking vistas may be seen along the route. The Hiline Hike is a challenging trail with dangerous openings. Experienced riders should only attempt Hiline.

AZ’s Slim Shady Trail in Sedona

Slim Shady Trail in Sedona allows less skilled bikers to participate in the action. The 2.5-mile path provides a pleasant diversion from strenuous hikes while providing unrivaled vistas of Sedona’s famous red rocks. The course features a nice ride through red dirt tracks in route to major routes like Hiline and Templeton. For a thorough exercise, Slim Shady has several quick yet strenuous climbs.


Arizona is a paradise for mountain bikers with its spectacular vistas, diverse terrain, and remote locations to discover. There are challenging paths for expert cyclists and simple tracks that allow newbies to get some workout and take in the sights. Explore these spectacular mountain riding routes in Arizona for yourself.

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